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Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the eeleventh president of India,from 2002 to 2007.He is a recipient of the padma shri ,padma bhushan and padma vibhushan and the nation's highest civilian award,the bharat ratna.

Born in 1931 in Rameshwaram in Taml Nadu, DR.Kalam studied aeronautical engineering at the Madras institute of technology.He played a key role in the development of india's first satellite launch vehicle,the SLV-3 which launched the rohini satellite in 1980 to take the india into the space clubs;in the building and operationalisation of india's strategic missile systems;and in the 1998 nuclear tests.As chairman of technology information,forecasting and assessment council and as an eminet scientist, he led the country with the help of 500 experts to arrive at technologyvision 2020 giving a road map for transforming India into a dveloped nation.

As an older statesman,he remained in the public eye for his role in offering counseling reaching out to people and building bridges across religious and social divides.DR.kalam focus stayed on transforming india into a developed nation  by 2020 and he continued to follow a rigorous schedule that had him travelling across the country for teaching his IIT's and IIM's students.to address conferences and to meet students and people from walks of life.He passed away in July 2015.


My book wings of fire covered my life upto 1992 ever since it was published in 1999 the response has been astounding and the book has sold more that a million copies. More heartening still it appears to have made a positive impact on thousands of people,helping them change their lives for the better.

However,my reasons for writing turning points were slightly different seeing the response generated by wings of fire 1 felt that if in the same way this book too could benefit a few people it would be well worth the effort. Infactif even one person or one family find their life changing for the better because of something gleaned from this book for you , dear reader.

As i wrote turning points the thought occured to me why i was writing the book one could say that my story echoes the concrns anxieties and aspirations of many indians like them i started my life from the lowest step in the ladder my first job was as senior scientific assistant.Gradually i moved upto greater
responsibilities,finally assuming the office of president of india ,
one could say that it hs been a very intense experience.

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