Ayodhya Facts-Ram Mandir

Ayodhya also called oudh and awadh town situated in south centrak uttar pradesh state nothern india.It lies on the ghagara river just east of faridabad.

An ancient town,ayodhya is regarded as one of the seven scared cities of the hindus revered because of its associationin the great indian epic poem ramayana with the birth of rama and with the rule of his father rashtratha.According to this source the town was prosperous and will fortified and had a large population.

In traditional history ayodhya was the early capital of kingdom of kosala though in buddhist times(6th-5th century).shravasti became the kingdoms chief city scholars genrally agree that ayodhya is identical with the town of saketaa where the buddha is said to have residedfor a time its later importance as a buddhists centre can be from the statement of the chinese buddhist monk faxian in the 5th century that there was 100 monastriesthere(although he cited 100 ferosians probablydid nt mean that exact number just that there were many monastries.There were also a number of other monuments including a stuoa repeated to have been founded by mauryan emperor ashoka

The kanauj kingdom arise in ayodhya the called oudh during 11th century.The region was later included in the delhi sulatanate the jampur kingdom and in 16th century the mughal empire.oudh gained a measure of independece early in the 18th century but became subordinate to the british east india company in 1764.oudh was joined with the agra presidency in 1877 to from the north western provinces and later the united provinces of agra and oudh,mow uttar pradesh state.

Despite the towns greatage there are few suviving monuments of any antiquity.the babri masjid was built in the early 16th century by mughal emperor babur on a site traditionally identified as rama's birthplace and as location of ancient india temple.


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